FemCity uses a third-party affiliate software for automated affiliate link tracking. Please understand, FemCity does not control whether or not any user clicks on an affiliate link at any point during her journey to becoming a member. FemCity is unable to retroactively attach a sale to your affiliate account if a friend/user did not use your link. However, the affiliate system is designed to “remember” a visitor from your link for up to one year. 

Affiliate Tracking is done through browser cookies. The affiliate system is designed to “remember” a visitor from your link for up to one year. However, it is important to know, cookies cannot be linked from one device to another. For example, if someone visits your link from a desktop but later joins via mobile device (not using your link), the affiliate system will not know it is the same person. Additionally, if a user clears her browser cookies, the affiliate system will not recognize her as well. We cannot eliminate loss of all tracking. Please review the FemCity Affiliate Guide for tips to minimize loss of tracking.


the RECAP:

Friends that use your affiliate link to join FemCity will get at least 30% off their rate.

40% on Global Membership // THIS PROGRAM IS SOLD OUT!

40% on Online Collective Membership

20% on Business Annual Membership

3-5% on Sub Affiliate links

Commission is not paid on non paid items such as the 30 day free trial.


Transaction must come through your affiliate link.

Commissions are only paid with sales used with your affiliate link

Commissions are paid via PayPal on the 15th of the month for sales made during the previous month

Affiliate tracking is done by a third party affiliate software program. Commissions are tracked and paid through an automatic system

No retroactive payments. FemCity cannot attach your affiliate link to a sale after it has been made. FemCity cannot control or guarantee that anyone uses your affiliate link. **Commissions will not be paid if the member didn’t use your affiliate link during the purchase.


Welcome to the FemCity Refer a FEM // Ambassador // Affiliate Program!

We are so happy you’re here and wanting to make a difference for women around the world while earning commissions.

FemCity was founded by Violette de Ayala and has always grown organically through the love and passion of women in our community. Through their sharing of gratitude for community, FemCity is now growing around the world. We are on a mission to help over 1 million women form connections with other women that want all women to succeed.

To get started in our affiliate program, here is a bit of detail on our membership.

Annual membership overview:
The benefits are many! Membership includes access to our Monthly Day of Masterclasses valued over $1k per month [that’s $12k per year!]. Just one day of Masterclasses is worth more than the price of an entire year of membership. Plus, members get 24/7 to our digital library of classes, free e-workbooks and worksheets, discounted tickets to Flagship events, ability to connect in a local FemCity Facebook group, post promotional content in the local FemCity Facebook group, and access to exclusive classes with special guest teachers.

Those who purchase annual membership to one our Collectives also get to attend
local Collective workshops for free [applies to Collectives only]. These workshops are designed with our signature FemCity blend of networking, business education, and mastermind and the agenda evolves around a unique FemCity business + lifestyle theme each month.

No location nearby? No problem. Our Online Collective Membership is the perfect option for those who do not have a physical location nearby. They receive all the same benefits plus they have access to a monthly virtual workshop gathering with Violette and Cheyenne Palma Dominguez [FemCity President].

Please review our guidelines and recap before getting started.

Now let’s get started on changing the world together!

The FemCity Community